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Strategy Core Value and Principles

Our Strategy:

  • RIRA strives to improve the quality of life of the pastoralists and rural poor by strengthening and diversifying their existing livelihood, initiate new activities to diversify and increase their income 
  • To develop community owned and managed institutions to sustain the livelihood activities 
  • To develop well trained and highly capable local service providers to provide timely support to the members
  • To develop community based models for natural resource management in order to protect and use the resources for sustainable development
  • To work in collaboration with the government and the industry along with non-government domestic and international development organizations

Core Value and Principles

In realizing its established vision and mission, the organization places hallowed respect for, and desires its operation to be guided by the following core values and principles:-
  • RIRA strongly believes in community-based programs that improve the quality of lives of the pastoralist agro pastoralists.
  • RIRA believes in collaboration with other actors in the development arena to ensure sustainable livelihood.
  • The organization believes in facilitation and championing wellbeing of pastoralist and agro-pastoralists.
  • RIRA believes in transparency, accountability, proper management, integrity, efficiency, team spirit and prudent utilization of available resources for the ultimate benefit of the intended beneficiaries.
  • The organization values every individual’s potential despite gender and ability parities.